The Hidden Male Pleasure Zone

For most men in Western society the center of sexual energy, the prostate gland, is a mystery. However, research on the history of sexual practices in Asian civilizations reveals that the prostate has been regarded as an indispensable center of male pleasure for thousands of years. In these cultures, prostate massage was a common sexual technique and wise Chinese and Indian courtesans understood the erotic intensity of this transcendent procedure. Such women were highly sought after by men to stimulate this hidden pleasure zone.

While knowledge of the sensual powers of the prostate has been more common among gay and bisexual males, their heterosexual brothers have begun to overcome the taboo against exploring this wonderful source of pleasure. If your male partner is open to connecting with this deep wellspring of heavenly pleasure, and possesses a healthy prostate, this sensual action is your gateway.

Here are the basics. The male prostate is a walnut sized gland that is located just below the bladder about halfway between the rectum and the base of the penis. This marvelous gland produces most of the fluid that makes up semen which is transmitted during ejaculation. One of the best orgasms a male can attain is when his prostate is being stimulated, either through a prostate massage, or receptive anal intercourse. When this gland is stimulated directly, nirvana will transpire!

Dr. Stephanie’s tips for a male prostate orgasm
*In order to stimulate the prostate you must enter through the anus, so here is where I will address heterosexual verses homosexual concerns. Many heterosexual males are apprehensive towards anal play out of a concern that they will be regarded as gay, this is simply not the case. No matter what the male is undertaking sexually, if he is doing it with a woman, HE IS HETROSEXUAL! So whether heterosexual or homosexual, if anal play is a type of sex play that you would delight in exploring, then relax, open up, and relish.

*Once you both have overcome any anxieties of anal play, the magic can begin. Create your pleasure quarter with candles, soft music, and heated massage oil. Place your nude partner on his tummy. Start with a wonderful, long back rub, then slowly make your way down to his lower half. Take control of his pleasure! Slightly spread his legs and gradually slide between them. Sensually massage his buttocks and his inner thighs. It is now time to gently touch, tickle, and lightly tease him with your fingertips. Focus on the area just under his scrotum (taint) eventually reaching underneath to play and tease his penis. This is an especially sensitive area that is rarely pampered.  As he becomes aroused and you sense the time is right, turn him over.

If you are working with an anal virgin; PROCEED SLOWLY! Remember, it may even take multiple attempts to get to his hidden pleasure zone.*When you feel he is extremely aroused place a rubber glove on your hand, or a condom on your finger. Lube is the key here. Use an oil based lube and saturate the anus and your finger. Begin to work your finger tip just inside him. If he is nervous the anus will be very tight. Again, provide him permission to play, reminding him that there are countless expressions of sexual pleasure. Once he has relaxed penetrate him fully with your finger. When inside lift upward, and you will feel a walnut size gland at your fingertip. Begin to massage GENTLY, using a come here motion. The gland will enlarge as he becomes extra excited (and he will). The prostate will begin to harden moments before ejaculating, so keep notice. His toes will curl as he releases.

Like the Asian courtesan of old you can master your partner’s pleasure. If you and he are both open, anal play will enhance your sexual journey together. More and more couples are finding the hidden male pleasure zone an exotic, sexy, and fun playground that can intensify desire for both partners.