The Summer Siren

Summer is the hottest of the four seasons and an impeccable time for discovering the siren within you. With the long sunny days and hot nights quickly approaching, the heat of your sensuality is also a blaze. Permit yourself to release your fiery cravings during this hot spell.

The siren is the female who is aware of her secret feminine power. She is irresistibly alluring and her seductive essence can entice any lover to her lair of passions. She has an inner quality of self-confidence, an awareness of her own sexual energy, and often a great deal of charisma and charm. She also possesses an uncanny patience, with the ability to delay satisfaction to entice her potential lover. Knowing exactly what she wants and desires, the siren exudes sex and captivates her lover.

Some females are intuitively sirens; and all of us have the capacity to become one.

Dr. Stephanie’s Tips on Becoming a Summer Siren:

*Be exactly who you are!
What makes you unique and special is you. Take loving care of your body by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. Dress and wear your hair the way you want, not to fit in with everyone else. Summer sirens are distinctive in their appearance and proud to be whom they are.

*Never say another negative word about yourself again!
We all have things we want to improve; however we are still perfect just as we are. Instead of focusing on what you feel is wrong with you, focus solely on what is right with you! Summer sirens comfort themselves through sweet, loving words.

*Recognize who you are as a sexual being and rejoice in it!
Identify what you like and how you like it, and most significantly know you deserve to have it that way. Be confident in communicating your sexual desires and become an exceptional receiver of pleasure. A summer siren allows herself and her partners to explore the delicate, sensual, sacred regions of her body.

*Celebrate your vagina, her distinctive shape and makeup.
Not only does she provide you and others with delightful pleasure, but she can also bring forth life onto the planet. Every summer siren possesses a unique and irreplaceable sexual flower that varies in color and texture, and in the size and sensitivity of its labia and clitoris. Rejoice in her stunning individuality!

*Allow your authentic, erotic fragrance to radiate.
Your natural scent transmits pheromones that actually will attract a partner. Concealing your pure odor by over-washing, douching, or heavy application of perfumes, powders, and body sprays can remove your unique erogenous essence. As long as you keep up regular hygiene, you will always be alluring, healthy, and tasty.

A summer siren embraces her distinctive sensual aroma!

*Be courageous in making the first move toward the individual you crave.
Recognize that you are an entity of desire and if rejected, do not take it personally. Summer sirens have confidence in the fact that there are many potential lovers on the planet, and they never permit themselves to get hung up on just one! Flirt and be assertive, come from a place of empowerment and be secure in the knowledge that the right partner will respond to you.

*Create adventure in your life.
Travel to an exotic city alone, take a fun class, make art or music, or learn a new sport or hobby. Everyone admires adventure. Keep your lovers curious and guessing, and don’t ever let them take you for granted. The best erotic medicine is mystery. A summer siren is always adventurous and mysterious!

As the weather heats up, so can you. Create an aura of desirability that will make this a summer you will never forget, and breathe new life into that old love song: “The things we did last Summer, I’ll remember all Winter long.”