Spring is Sprung!

As we encounter Spring – with trees returning to life, birds singing sweetly in their nests, and days growing longer with windy, warm, and rainy weather – we too bud with nature’s revival. Plants begin to flower and spur our own with delicious, erotic aromas. The beauty of our flowers is stimulating, opening, and loving – though a sexual garden requires care and energy to nourish and blossom.

Here are some tips for cultivating a sensual orchestration of flowers that will bloom their heads off all season:

Prepare your environment! Just as flowers cannot grow everywhere, so too your sexuality deserves a nurturing space where it can flourish. A place where you feel safe to be wild and free, that expresses your unique sexual energy. Redecorate your bedroom. Fill it with an ecstatic blend of blissful flora, candles, sensual music, essential oils, rich vibrant colors, and sexy art work. Create a joyous, erotic, and sensual place for your sexual garden to thrive. Your love nest will be tempting to your lovers, and hint how you can continue to blossom together.

Plant your seeds! Your sexual garden sprouts from your environment like seeds from the soil. Make yourself and your play partners an ecstasy chest. Fill it with all your favorite sex toys: ropes, and blindfolds, with a nice stash of erotic films and books. Construct a sexual bucket list of your hottest fantasies, and with dates for when you want to achieve them.

Plenty of sunshine! Nurture your sexual desires with warming, radiant positivity. You can get all the nourishing sunshine you need by giving yourself loving thoughts. Spring is a perfect time to begin a love affair with yourself! Just as the flower’s energy comes from the sun, ours comes from the compassionate glow of our heart and spirit. Weed out any negative thoughts that may have grown in your sexual garden. Remind yourself how truly unique and special you are. Rejoice in your sexual resources!

Water your garden! Begin to explore your blossoming sexuality. Seek out partners who will adore and bring splendor to your garden. Go to some hangouts for the sexually curious and visit some sexy online websites. Explore your wild side. Begin to schedule regular pleasuring ceremonies, either alone or with partners, and honor that commitment to your sexuality.

Enjoy your flower! Your genitals are the most beautiful flower in your sexual garden. Think of and name the flower that most represents yours. Does it have soft, delicate petals, or vibrant, big ones? Does it have a healthy, thick stem with roots deep into the soil that take hold and flourish; or a short, thin, and strong stem that holds the flower upward toward the sun? The flower naturally basks in its nakedness and purity. Once you have named your flower, celebrate its luster and innocence. Place it in a lovely vase in your enhanced location to admire during your pleasure ceremonies. Wear your flower’s fragrance to remind you how radiant your genitals are.

With the appearance of the birds, the bees, and flowers of Spring, there is a blossoming of our sexuality. As the days grow warmer, so will your passions. Just as you care for the flower garden in your yard, give your sexual garden the same amount of tenderness, care, and admiration. For a gorgeous garden is nature’s way of showing happiness.

Authored by,
Stephanie Hunter Jones