Consulting for Professionals and Expert Testimony

I provide consulting for clinicians (doctors, therapists, and social workers) helping you work more effectively with your client’s sexual concerns.

Phone, confidential online, and in-person sessions available

Praises from clinicians:

In my private therapy practice I often work with individuals and couples who have sexual concerns. Human Sexuality is a unique specialization encompassing a wide range of issues. I had the broad strokes of human sexuality in my psychotherapy training but wanted to expand my base of knowledge on the subject in order to better serve my clients with specific sexual issues. Assessing and treating sexual issues requires extensive knowledge and research in the field of sexuality and Dr. Stephanie Hunter Jones is a dedicated Clinical Sexologist who has spent years working in this specific discipline. Consulting with Dr. Hunter Jones instilled me with confidence, specialized language and tools that allowed me to create a treatment plan tailored to my clients particular issues. When considering the myriad of topics that affect sexuality, such as painful intercourse, issues of desire, polyamory, sexual healing, gender, orientation and age among many others,  I would not hesitate to consult the expertise ofDr. Stephanie Hunter Jones.

Lisa Todd Petersen, MA, LPCi

Portland, OR