Couples Sex Therapy in Los Angeles

I find working with couples for their sexual concerns is a unique, rewarding, and delightful experience. 100% of individuals experience sexual concerns at some point in their lives. The fact is our sexuality fluctuates throughout our lifetime. As our desires and needs change, if we are unable to have honest and open communication with our partner, our sexuality and our relationship will suffer.

I custom tailor your counseling to the specific need of the couple by using a mind-body-energy approach. I provide a nurturing and safe environment that is completely confidential.  I work with heterosexual and same sex couples in both monogamous and modern (in the lifestyle, swingers, open marriage) relationships.

With my sessions you can.....

*Improve communication and negotiation skills

*Improve your sex life, enhance intimacy, expand your horizons and experience better sex with your partner

*Address sexual concerns in your relationship

*Discover the Sacred Intimate/Healer within yourself and your partner

*Restore your sex life after sex addiction or infidelity

*Resolve relationship conflicts (including power struggles, uneven desire, performance anxiety, anger or resentment…)

Modern Couples (in the lifestyle, swingers, open marriage, BDSM relationships)

I have a high success rate in working with couples who are currently in, or seeking to open up their relationship. This erotic experience comes from a place of love, and a tender desire that your partner and you can experience the richness of sexuality to its fullest. I will work with you to create safe boundaries, explore emotions surrounding your relationship and your sexuality, and create safety within the relationship to play.

 Premarital Sex & Relationship Counseling

 Premarital counseling is a vital part of preparing you both for marriage. My sessions will;

*Guide you through current problems in the relationship

*Strengthen your relationship

*Discuss your values and beliefs about money, children, extended family, quality time, career, intimacy, hobbies, trust, connection, and expectation

*Learn negotiation skills

 *Deepen your understanding of one another


Please note: I am not a medical doctor or a psychiatrist and some clients may require an authorization from a licensed professional.






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