Stephanie Hunter Jones

Marriage Family Therapist Intern #IMF79379

Artist and Writer


Stephanie is the creator of Connection therapy which is based on the Existential principal that all humans long for connection in their lives. Peace and happiness are achieved through the four core connections of the essential self. These connections are with others, one’s inner self (intuition), one’s spirituality, and one’s sexuality. If these connections are not healthy, and / or trauma has transpired within any of the four, this can invite depression, anxiety, isolation, feelings of meaninglessness, and sexual dysfunction into one’s life. Stephanie creates a nurturing environment with special emphasis on the connection between the therapist and the client. Stephanie provides personalized information and education, re-directive cognitive processes and mental re-framing, behavior modification, emotional balancing, intuitive guidance, and resource and referral management.



Dr. Parviz D. Fahimian, MD

American Board Certified Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Specialist

435 N Bedford Dr. #313

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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