Past-Life Regression Sex Therapy

Past-Life Regression Sex Therapy

“You listen to people, you listen so deeply that you can hear their past lives,

The crackle of their funeral pyres,”

― Dick Allen, Zen Master Poems


I am a certified Past-Life Regressionist from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California. A Past Life Regression (PLR) is a revisiting, under hypnosis, of a life that you may have previously lived. A life that can possibly be affecting your relationships, and or your sexuality in the present moment.

It matters not if you see this amazing experience metaphorically (a message of the unconscious mind), or if you believe in reincarnation. Either way, the experience can be profound and life enhancing! This work has the potential to allow healing and communication to take place between our spiritual and logical self.


Through PLR Sex Therapy you can:

*Release subconscious blocks, phobias, fears, or pain regarding relationships and your sexuality

*Explore the past-life roots of present day relationships

*Resolve relationships and old wounds that have carried over

*Understand your sexuality through connections from your past life

*Gain awareness as to patterns that may not be serving you


This insightful, healing, and empowering experience can lead to a greater understanding and compassion for your sexuality and your relationship patterns.


PLR Sex Therapy is done in two 90 minute sessions and the total fee is $350.00 (I do not offer sliding scale appointments for PLR Sex Therapy appointments)


Please note: You are required to fill out all necessary paperwork (roughly 1 hour) that will aide in the success of the process and return it back to me at least 24 hours prior to your session.