These are my hidden reviews on Yelp. They are all from actual clients who graciously took the time to write me a review and I want their voice to be heard!

Thank you to all my clients for your kind words.

Cecilia P.

  • San Francisco, CA  5/21/2019

Dr. Stephanie is awesome. I've only seen her for three sessions so far but I already feel an incredible difference in how I'm going about my life and navigating my relationships and self-worth.  Highly recommend.

Rachel T.

  • Chino Hills, CA 1/25/2019

Dr. Stephanie has helped me so much since I've started seeing her about a month ago. If it wasn't for these reviews I wouldn't have found her and boy am I glad I did. I literally look forward to seeing her each week since she's been helping through an extremely dark time in my life. My family, friends and even myself have seen such improvement within my self since I've started seeing her. This woman is literally worth every minute !

Anthony B.

  • Topanga Beach, CA 11/2/2018

We have been with Dr. Stephanie for about a month now.  We were able to identify some problems that was holding us back from connecting more intimately.  And since starting with Dr. Stephanie, we have improved our intimacy and connection.  We hope to really move forward further as we continue with our sessions with Dr. Stephanie in the coming months.

Mischa C.

Glendale, CA 11/1/2018

My wife and I were looking to enhance our intimacy in the bedroom.  We started seeing Dr. Stephanie and she was great! She is very caring and knowledgeable.  She gave us homework and after the very first session we saw improvement. We use one of the exercises she gave us every week.  Dr. S has got the answers you need and if you do the work she gives you (this is important) you will see results.  I highly recommend her.

James S.

Studio City, Los Angeles, CA 


What a breath of fresh air!  I've worked with different therapists in the past for a variety of things that I wanted to work on, but even discovering Stephanie online was a refreshing feeling.  Upon meeting her, she made me feel completely comfortable to discuss anything.  During our very first session, I felt a connection to her.  She asked a few simple questions, and we got to know each other, but in the last 15 minutes, she really brought out some discoveries and provided some extremely useful tools and guidance for me to get started!  I knew then that I was coming back as soon as possible.  During our sessions, she asked if I would be interested in hypnotherapy and unselfishly guided me to her sister to work on some things.  At first, I was a little confused as to why the change, but then I realized that Stephanie's purpose is to help and guide you to the help needed, and she wanted what was best for me at that moment. Looking forward to my journey with these two amazing women!

Anastasia S.

Studio City, CA


Dr. Stephanie is a great professional and a wonderful person! My husband and I came to her a year ago and it was amazing! I'd recommend you not to wait until it's too late but go and find a way to find a way to understand yourself and your loved ones better with a help of this amazing therapist Dr Stephanie!


Joe C.

San Francisco, CA


I started seeing Dr. Stephanie last fall to help me sort through a deep-seated intimacy issue that has hung over my life for decades. In just a few months, she has helped me begin working through the even deeper-seated issues underlying the problem. Her sympathy, empathy and laser-sharp insight have helped me learn things about myself that I didn't know before. I'm looking forward to her continued help and guidance as I see this journey of self-discovery to its completion.


Paul G.

Sylmar, Sylmar, CA


Wow! Just wow. I never looked forward to a therapy session before. Dr. Stephanie is great! She makes it easy to explore and find out about yourself and your emotions. Nothing is too taboo and the environment is healthy and productive. Would recommend her to anyone.


Jessica B.

Oakland, CA


This review is for Dr. Stephanie Hunter Jones. In a word she is fantastic. Her warm and emphatic style is coupled with an active approach. I saw Dr. Stephanie for individual and couples therapy. She asks questions that lead to meaningful discussions and insights that have helped me clarify some of the underlying dynamics in my relationships in just a few sessions. It is her capacity to get to the bottom of an issue quickly that I was most impressed by.  I have seen several others therapists over the years (and know many as I am a therapist myself) and believe Dr. Stephanie to be one of the best out there.


K G.

Los Angeles, CA


Earlier this year I decided to seek counseling for issues related to sex, intimacy, and anxiety. I came across Dr. Stephanie's website. I was looking specifically for a female therapist with a background in sex therapy. Of all the therapist profiles I read online, none stuck out to me quite like hers. I felt intuitively that she would be the right person to talk to, and after a few months of seeing her as a therapist, I know I was correct. I've steadily come to understand myself better and I feel that I am making consistent progress towards healing and happiness. I can tell that she is always listening intently, asking good questions, and helping me dig deeper within myself. With Dr. Stephanie I feel that I am in a safe space, and that she is very empathetic. Highly recommended for anyone in search of counseling, especially related to sex/intimacy.


Be B.

Lancaster, CA


Dr. Stephanie is wonderful! I have to keep it real and say she basically saved my marriage. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear she tells you what you need to hear. No matter if you are man or a woman. I would recommend bat anyone considering marriage should take the time to meet with dr. Stephanie first!


Suzanne G.

Sylmar, Sylmar, CA


I have been to many therapists over my 44 years. My whole life recently imploded after I discovered that my husband had been unfaithful. His issues with himself are so deep seeded that I really didn't know if our relationship could ever be salvaged. After reviewing Dr. Stephanie's credentials, I decided that we NEEDED her as she specializes in virtually EVERY problem we have to work through. It is worth mentioning that we had been seeing another marriage counselor for just about a year to no avail.
    I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Stephanie and was surprised how quickly she managed to get us in. She's amazing! Dr. Stephanie can see what the core issues of the problems are and will carefully grab the bull by the horns and get to working on the issue while maintaining a safe space.  Honestly, after the first visit, I knew that if there's any hope for saving our marriage I had found it in Dr. Stephanie.
   As I mentioned, I have had a horse in the professional race of the mental health arena for over 20 years. Whether you need individual counseling or couples counseling, Dr. Stephanie is the best move you can make. She will even work on a sliding scale to accommodate someone and I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you so much Dr. Stephanie for giving me hope and showing me the light in what has been the darkest hour of my life.

Additional Praises from clients who wish to be anonymous

“Dr. Stephanie has been a wonderful blessing to me and my relationship. I have met with her both individually and as a couple and she is incredibly compassionate, dynamic, and energetic; which has helped myself and my partner face things we have avoided. Amazing !” – Female 30


“When I searched for sex therapist via online, I ran across Stephanie's picture. The orange hair just popped out at me. I knew intuitively that she would be a great fit for my partner and I. And, after reading her bio, it was more reason to contact her. Stephanie is very warm, compassionate, a good listener, and very intuitive; something I was looking for in a therapist. I definitely did not want a traditional westernized therapist, and Stephanie was everything, but that. She thinks outside of the box. She was really in tune with the energy in the room, and between us. She was gracious in giving my partner and I different loving and connection exercises to reconnect with one another before any sexual activity took place. We always looked forward to our sessions with Stephanie, because she became our comfort zone in speaking our truths rather it hurt or not . Another thing that I loved was that the first couple of sessions really helped my partner and I delve into the deep rooted issues before getting into any sexual contact. I have to say that after those two sessions my partner and I were experiencing the love that had been there all along. I can go on and on about Stephanie, but I'll do here. Stephanie can assist you in where you need and want to be individually, and as a unit.”- Female 29


"I was referred to Dr. Hunter Jones by a conventional therapist to help me deal with a range of issues connected with sexuality, self-image, and emotional recovery from the effects of prostate surgery. Her unique combination of psychological insight, empathy, experience, and creativity energy helped me transcend unconscious roadblocks that were holding me back from living a full, generous, and loving life. I will always be indebted to Dr. Hunter Jones for helping me to see myself in a more positive light." – Male 60


“I was embarrassed to talk about my sex life with anyone. After working with Dr. Stephanie I felt comfortable discussing my sexual concerns, was able to overcome sexual shame, and was able to reconnect with my partner after years of a sexless relationship. I felt very supported and understood by Dr. Stephanie and would highly recommend her for couples and individual therapy.” - Female 29


“Dr. Stephanie removes any feeling you may be experiencing regarding blame, shame or guilt. She provides a warm and understanding atmosphere. The added benefit of Sensual Hypnosis she includes in her sessions are AMAZING! Through this experience, I was able to release my fears regarding relationships and move forward with meeting a partner! Highly Recommended!” - Female 52


"Before I met Dr. Stephanie I suffered with depression on a daily basis. I saw her for therapy for about a year and my depression is now gone! She was understanding, patient, and gave me guidance. Each session was relaxing and therapeutic and I left feeling renewed and rejuvenated. I learned tools that helped me with relaxation, self-love and acceptance, and how to make new friends and build healthy relationships. THANK YOU Dr. Stephanie, you are amazing and I appreciate what you did for me, and since our time together I now live a joyous life." - Female 33


 “We sought couples counseling because my wife and I were not communicating, and had lost the passion and romance in our marriage. Dr. Stephanie worked with us and we are now happy and enjoying each other once again. I highly recommend her for couples counseling.” – Male 42 and Female 44