"The person who looks inside, awakens.”

- Carl Jung

Clinical hypnosis was developed over 200 hundred years ago and has been used for a variety of issues with a high success rate. I am the creator of Connection Therapy (trademark pending) developed to connect individuals and couples to their true source.

The power of Clinical hypnosis can change one’s life by connecting to this level of consciousness and can speed up the process of therapy, reduce anxiety and fears, allow for the healing and understanding of painful memories and experiences; thus creating sexual healing. 

Psychological research has shown that the great majority of our feelings, behaviors, responses, thoughts, and attitudes stem from our subconscious. Within this deep level of our awareness lie the positive and negative associations that the individual has made throughout life.

As you are probably aware, hypnosis is extremely effective in achieving results with issues such as weight loss, smoking cessation, and stress reduction; however did you know that hypnosis can also connect you to your erotic essence, causing a release of any sexual blocks and enabling the full expression of your sexuality?

What is Sensual Hypnosis?

(For individuals)

Sensual Hypnosis is a modality that I created and incorporate into my sessions upon client request. Through Sensual Hypnosis my clients have achieved remarkable results. You can remove obstacles to the full expression of your sexuality, and heal from sexual shame and trauma. You can also discover your hidden desires and passions, and attract the right partner.

The mind has powers that we can manifest in many areas of our lives, especially sexuality. Using Sensual Hypnosis, I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation and help you begin a fascinating journey toward finding your sexual essence.

Give yourself permission to connect to the magnificent sexual paradise that lies within you!

Some Benefits of Sensual Hypnosis:

*Want to be a mother? Sensual Hypnosis for fertility can double your success rate for pregnancy  

*Open your heart and reconnect you to your partner

*Cultivate a vision of the love you desire

*Release sexual shame

 *Overcome sexual trauma

 *Overcome sexual concerns

 *Overcome shyness

 *Move beyond sexual fears and limitations

 *Discover hidden desires and the courage to explore them

 *Sexuality empowerment

 *Learn to love and approve of your body

 *Rejoice in your sexuality

 *Discover how to accept and rejoice in your masculinity

 *Discover how to accept and rejoice in your femininity

 *Get in touch with your sensual essence

*Draw the accurate partner or partners into your life

*Enhance your dating skills

*Enhance your relationships






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