I offer phone and Skype consulting sessions for professionals seeking guidance with their client’s sexual concerns. Professionals in the industry that I have assisted include therapists, counselors, sex therapists, psychologists, social workers, nurse practitioners, and other individuals who work in a field that treat individuals with sexual issues.

Public Speaking

As a public speaker I have lectured on the subject of human sexuality to mental health professionals, colleges and universities, and sex and lingerie events and stores.

Recurring speaking engagements include:

* California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

*Antioch University Los Angeles 

*Valley College Los Angeles


Dr. Stephanie has been an asset to both broadening my perspective in my clinical practice and serving as a knowledgeable guest speaker in my graduate level human sexuality classes. She has a wealth of knowledge that she presents in a professional, approachable way giving students and clinicians the opportunity to confront their biases, judgements and stereotypes around sexuality. She understands the nuances that exist in human sexuality recognizing that each individual, couple and circumstance is unique and should be approached as such. Without hesitation or reservation, I would recommend Dr. Stephanie in a supervisory role, a consultation role and a professional guest speaker/lecturer. My practice and classroom have been greatly enhanced because of here.

Kristin Hodson, LCSW, CST

Salt Lake City, UT.

In my private therapy practice I often work with individuals and couples who have sexual concerns. Human Sexuality is a unique specialization encompassing a wide range of issues. I had the broad strokes of human sexuality in my psychotherapy training but wanted to expand my base of knowledge on the subject in order to better serve my clients with specific sexual issues. Assessing and treating sexual issues requires extensive knowledge and research in the field of sexuality and Dr. Stephanie Hunter Jones is a dedicated Sexologist who has spent years working in this specific discipline. Consulting with Dr. Stephanie instilled me with confidence, specialized language and tools that allowed me to create a treatment plan tailored to my client’s particular issues. When considering the myriad of topics that affect sexuality, such as painful intercourse, issues of desire, polyamory, sexual healing, gender, orientation and age among many others, I would not hesitate to consult the expertise of Dr. Stephanie.

Lisa Todd Petersen, LMFT

Manhattan Beach, California

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Dr. Stephanie Hunter Jones as a guest speaker in your course. I was honored to have Dr. Stephanie as a guest speaker for two of my human sexuality classes in regards to her work as a clinical sexologist, sex educator, artist and writer. She did an outstanding job of making the students feel comfortable and created a safe learning environment. Her integrity and commitment to healing is strongly apparent. She is passionate about individuals feeling empowered and accepted in regards to their sexuality and this was most valuable for my students.

Dr. Stephanie approaches sexuality in a non-shaming, nonjudgmental, and affirmative way. Her devotion to gender, sexual, and marriage equality shines forth in a positive way in all aspects of her work.

Tiffany Lanoix

Associate Professor of Sociology, Chair, Sociology &Ethnic Studies Department

Los Angeles Valley College

Los Angeles, California


Fee: My standard session fee applies including transportation.


Please note: I am not a medical doctor or a psychiatrist and some clients may require an authorization from a licensed professional.